Monday, October 18, 2010

Change is critical

When i say change I'm not talking about the 'change' everyone's blabbering about these days. Including our very own Barak Obama. But the 'change' that clatters in your pockets and vanishes into the deep crevices of your wallet every now and then. Until it finally sees the light of day, when the cab driver throws a scornful look at you or more so denounces you for flashing a R. 500 note for a minimum fare. During such times, how the inconsequential 'change' that lay deep under the weight of countless credit cards and crisp hard cash saves your honor is truly and surprisingly commendable. It just goes on to say, 'little things in life really (really) matter more than anything else'. I don't know who said this, but seems to me perhaps he at some time did lose his honor to some irate cab driver.

Well, for me, I learned the value of this inconsequential 'change' a few days back when it made sure i didn't go home hungry. The samosa vendor not realizing i was on a strict diet (thanks to jugs of beer i guzzled down and all the thrash I'd hogged on) and all i craved for was a samosa to satisfy an occasional burst of hunger, refused to sell me a single samosa for the lack of change. "DO SAMOSA MILEGA", in a crude, unsociable tone he kept muttering to the likes of me, "CHUTTA NAHI HAI". How insensitive i thought to myself. Then without getting into another spat of argument i desperately rummaged through by wallet, pocket, bag, while the vendor simply kept staring at me dubiously. Seeing how eager one can get to bite into his Samosa might have surely made him the proudest man on earth. So much so, I think he even considered arranging for change until i finally reached for a few coins that had be lying around for what seemed like 400 years. My happiness knew no bounds.

But thinking of it, with the onset of credit and debit cards we have gradually lost value for these immensely handy coins. More so, as i once went window shopping, i was amazed and quite intrigued as i picked up a wallet which had no provision for keeping coins. It was priced over a grand. So realizing that wasn't meant for the likes of me, i gave it a look of admiration, placed it back on the counter and walked by. And then I gave it slightly deeper thought.

Here lies a valuable insight. Change of any kind, or the adoption of a newer set of values more often than not begins at the top of the pyramid. After this stage it gradually filters down to the lower strata of the society who are forced to adopt these values and adapt to the changing times. Which means in a couple of years from now I'd have to use a card for the smallest purchases i make. So back home everytime i receive my card statement they'll know of how many cigarettes i smoke, how many jugs of beer i guzzle down and that i prefer Cafe Coffee Day to Barista!

I vote for change!!!

So yes, change is critical. Even as some the world's top leaders talk about it, somewhere subconsciously, i'm sure they're speaking out of experience. As the change clatters in their pockets, i'm sure it did at sometime save their honor. Perhaps that's what made them who they are today. Barak Obama, I’m sure will agree ;)

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