Thursday, August 30, 2007

Having Fun

I spend my day in a cubical. For almost 12 hours a day, the computer blaring in my face, my finger pounding the keyboard buttons, I type sales messages. And, presume that they actually lure somebody to that effect. My compatriots do the same. But I often wonder what drives them.

But all-in-all we have fun, usually we pretend to. Often we do so to kill the stress. Before it kills us. Close deadlines, high expectations, workplace bureaucracy and a lot more remains a part of the under current. 'I want a sexy headline', I often hear the servicing team demand after a briefing, which usually is, 'I want a sexy headline'.

I am not a pessimist. Trust me, I love my job. But I would love it more if wasn't asked to meet outlandish expectations.

Organisations slyly disregard the existence of underlying politics. 'A politics-free environment', they often describe it in their recruitment ads. And, while they say so they are busy bad-mouthing and screwing someone’s happiness. An ugly bunch of sell-outs (me included).

Wonder why I'm still on the job. Simply because they're keeping me... ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Its not what you see, its what you believe in.

Winning isn’t everything. However, more often than not it's how you perceive victory. Because perception is reality.

The day I joined my company my aspirations knew no bounds. It was definitely not the highest point in my life, but I believed that a glorious, highflying career would head start.

I wish.

On a day-to-day basis I PERSISITENTLY try and evaluate myself but then I wonder on what basis do I do so. And then I SINCERLY ask myself a question, 'For how long?'.

There are an array of things that exite me, lure me every single day I make my way to office.

I like writing. And so, I've been hired. Ideally they pay me for having fun. Many-a-times it takes a backseat. I often feel flustered by thoughts that seem daunting.

I surely don't want to give up on writing. But I still await another day, the day I start writing for myself.