Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who are we?

Humans would be an obvious answer. We're definitely a lot more interesting. Think creative. Think of yourself as an alien. In another land. Think of yourself as being somebody else’s imagination. As puppets on this earth. A source of entertainment for the extraterrestrial.

While we busy created sources of entertainment for ourselves, little did we realise we could very well be a source of entertainment for the unknown world. Someone who possibly lives with us. Shares this planet with us.

Why do dogs bark, or rather howl in the night? There's nobody on the road then, and neither do they bark at each other. They bark at... I really don’t know who.

I just looked up the meaning of humans on the internet. Documented here is the first i came across, 'All of the living human inhabitants of the earth'. Very well. So what becomes of me when i cease to exist? I don't think the dictionary provides an antonym for the word 'Human'. It should. It'll help us define who we are better. It will define our scope of thinking. And our scope of existence on this planet. It will define the very motive of life. Expressions like 'ambition', 'hard work' and so on and so forth will be understood better and in the right context.

For now this is all that i have to say.

I've left you with a question. And myself. Till tomorrow.