Monday, November 17, 2008

Back from Vacation

Vacations, especially the longer ones are often considered to be an excellent way to rejuvenate and gear up for another spell of mounting challenges. Never mind if your boss doesn't think so. After all its he who has to do all the dirty jobs you were hired for. But what happens thereafter often is quite contrary. For instance, I have 10 briefs in my mailbox. But what the heck, i decided to write this piece. I know for a fact that my boss at this very momentcould barge into my cubical and make my life a living hell. But i really can't help it. For him unfortunately i'm not his ceiling fan he can switch on and off anytime he likes. In any case, i must admit he uses an AC.
Besides, everyone finds the needs to acclimatize. Especailly after a vacation. Like i remember having read how astronauts do so. After having taken a trip to space which i must admit is quite a relaxing one, at least they dont face problems of reservation, crowded trains and so on and so forth, they laze about in a pool of water for hours together for reasons which are way beyond my understanding. Nevertheless i love the idea. 'Wouldn't it be great to have one in office?' (a pool i mean) i asked myself. Resuming office after a long vacation, stripping off, getting into a pair of trunks, uncorking a beer bottle, ordering for kebabs and idling about amidst all the clutter and clatter. It would be great to go on like this for a week. Or two. Ok lets all understand that business ain't doing too well, so say 2 and half weeks. Then i guess it would be time to take note of issues surrounding you and be a part of business as usual.

So then I'd take my seat, click open my mail box, find ten briefs lined up, decide that there are surely better things to do and i'm not my boss's ceiling fan. Who cares if he uses an AC. And go about writing yet another such piece. Hows that?